Single Stop

Veggie Flyer Single Stop 
Kingsborough Community College’s Single Stop, the nation’s first at a community college, is your one-stop place to get connected to government benefits and resources. Whether it’s childcare, SNAP, clothing, or transportation, you can get a referral for what’s available to you – where you live and when you need it. 

We’re part of the national Single Stop USA Community College Initiative, which harnesses the power of two of the country's most effective anti-poverty tools: coordinated access to America's safety net and a college education. 

We offer the following FREE services:

We also partner with other KCC offices across the campus to find innovative ways to empower our students and ensure they are successful.  With their help, we coordinate:

  • Single Stop Resource Center, with lists of jobs, housing, pantries, and more
  • Distribution of FREE vegetables grown on campus at the KCC Urban Farm
  • Distribution of FREE food staples at the KCC Food Pantry
  • Clothing donations
  • Assistance with recertification of benefits
  • Fair Hearing Assistance
  • Assistance obtaining other government resources

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All of our services are FREE. 

Walk-ins always welcome. Visit us in room E-115. 

FACULTY: We’re available to come to your class and give a short presentation about our services. Call us at 718-368-5411!