KCC Single Stop Mission

Single Stop USA’s national community college initiative seeks to harness two of the country's most effective anti-poverty tools: coordinated access to America's safety net and a post-secondary education. Single Stop is your one stop shop to get connected to government’s benefits and resources.  Whether it’s childcare, SNAP, clothing or transportation, you can get a referral for what’s available to you, where you live and when you need it.  In addition to the referral, Single Stop Coordinators are here to advocate for the student.  They will make sure a student receives the benefits they are entitled to.


Kingsborough Community College decided to begin this initiative in collaboration with Single Stop USA in order to support students in achieving their academic goals. The college found that a primary reason for students dropping out of school was taking on work responsibilities to meet life priorities, thereby taking longer to finish their degrees or not completing them at all. Kingsborough and Single Stop hope to reduce or prevent that cycle by letting students know which benefits exist to provide them access to support when they need it. More than 20 million families in the US struggle to make ends meet, yet each year billions in federal and state government resources, set aside to help, go unclaimed. The coordinators job is to ensure students know about these benefits and give the students as much support as possible.