Introducing Microsoft Live@edu at Kingsborough. It's the free, easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook Live email service for students.  Live@edu includes access to other programs and services, including Office 2010 WebApps, Windows Live SkyDrive™,calendars, document sharing, shared workspaces, blogs, instant messaging, mobile alerts, video chat, mobile email and document access, and more! Easily create personal websites, photo albums, and music lists to share with friends and family. Access all of your email from just one account.  Your new email account is much more than just email, it can save you money. Have you ever lost a USB flash drive? With 25GB of secure online storage accessible from any internet  connected computer, you will never need a flash drive again!   That's $15 saved right there. So ditch that flash drive, if you haven't already lost it!  Have a smart phone? Live@edu is fully supported on Windows Phones, Android phones and iPhones. The setup is quick and easy. You will be able to send and receive email, search   your Live@edu address book and access your calendar2. Check with your wireless provider, some give service plan discounts but you can only get the discount if you use your new email account3 . Your new email account also gives you access to Office 2010 Webapps. You can now create and edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents right from your browser. You can share these documents with anyone and store them  easily on your 25GB Skydrive. There's a lot of cool stuff you can do with your new account. 

Click on the link below to look up your new account and get started today.  

Click here to lookup your new account!  

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